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Created on 2017-04-08 12:08:24 (#2964259), last updated 2017-04-15 (22 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Feb 29
I am a 57 year old married mother of two. Both my children turned out to be wonderful adults of whom I am very proud! I am also the mother of a 1 year old Shih Tzu, who is the best dog ever (can anyone say “empty nest syndrome?”) I have a very understanding husband, who has managed to stick with me for over 27 years now!

My taste in music is pretty eclectic, I like older stuff like Patsy Cline and Bob Dylan, as well as Elton John, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd, Queen, Tom Waits, Alison Krauss, The Kinks, Sarah Brightman, The Pretenders, The Killers, The Proclaimers, Sam Smith, Adele, and on, and on… and when I really like something I tend to become obsessive (I listened to Mumford and Sons Babel CD every day for over a year!)

I am addicted to my Kindle, so much so that I am on my 7th one. My family gives me grief over the amount of time I spend reading, but it is as necessary to me as breathing! I first got hooked on reading at 12 years old with Harlequin romances and Barbara Cartland books, (wow does that age me). I am not limited to any one genre, I love romance, espionage, mystery, fantasy, paranormal, alternate reality and gay mysteries… basically pure escapism! A few of my favorite authors are Tolkien, Robert Ludlum, Robert Jordan, Jim Butcher, Patrick Rothfuss, JK Rowling, Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, Carrie Vaughn, Josh Lanham, KJ Charles, Harper Fox, Diana Copland, and that barely scratches the surface!

I discovered Harry/Draco slash about 10 or so years ago, which I very quickly became obsessed with, and is also why I opened a Dreamwidth account. I currently have an account on LJ, where I follow my favorite authors, but haven’t quite figured out yet how to find them in Dreamwidth. I am amazed at the number of truly talented author’s in the Harry/Draco genre, but some of my very favorite are: Saras_Girl, Femmequixotic and Oldenuf2nb, I swear you cannot go wrong reading anything by these three, but there are still so many more wonderful authors out there!

I won’t be posting much to this account as I tend to be more of a lurker, but man do I love reading your journals! I cannot begin to tell you how much joy I get out of reading a well written story, so thank you all for sharing yours.

And lastly, I am so very disappointed in LJ’s new TOS, I will never understand or condone the bias and outright hatred against the LGBTQ community, it is heartbreaking!

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